Looking for a Camp Assistant to join the team

Camp Assistant – Wrangler/Packer/Guide

Black Otter is looking for someone to help prepare for trips into camp, help with horses, packing, firewood gathering, and general camp duties. The ideal candidate wants to learn about the outfitting business, thrives in the outdoors, wants to meet people, likes to work in a team for summer pack trips, and archery and rifle hunting in the fall. The schedule is 5 – 7 days per week with flexible days off depending on trip schedules, July 1 – December 1, 2022. Offering hunting and summer pack trips for over 50 years, Black Otter is located in Paradise Valley, MT. We have a great time working hard to make the best experience for our clients. Visit www.blackotterguideservice.com to learn more.

Duties and Responsibilities:     Camp Assistant – Wrangler/Packer/Guide

  • is responsible for assisting the cook to maintain a clean camp, burning trash completely and collecting trash that is not burnable for packing out or hanging trash that has not been burned, and follow the Safety, Food Storage and Visitor Orientation Plans.
  • uses a chainsaw or crosscut saw depending on the camp to cut rounds, then chop wood for the wood stoves and help saddle and unsaddle stock as well as packing.
  • helps prepare for going into camp when not in camp such as getting hay, filling water troughs, and hauling stock.
  • maintain fuel in lanterns and help with general maintenance around the camp, including fence repair, hauling and treating water, and setup.
  • assist with fence repair, stock care and preparing for trips when not in the backcountry.
  • drive a truck and trailer to the trailhead with stock when needed.
  • has other duties as assigned.

The Successful Candidate Will

  • conduct themselves in a professional manner.
  • take initiative to do what needs to be done without being told.
  • ask for clarification if directions aren’t clear.
  • be conscientious about the care of the stock and help with packing for each trip.
  • be conscientious about the cleanliness of camp.

Interested? Fill out this form and we’ll reach out to you. If you have questions, email blackotter406@gmail.com.