Summer 2022

We welcomed old and new friends in the summer of 2022. The extreme flooding that came to Paradise Valley and other parts of Montana this year, impacted many of our neighbors and friends. Businesses were destroyed and livelihoods shaken. Our place was spared but the trails and bridges in the backcountry and the roads into Yellowstone National Park were swept away by the high water. In June, we tried to clear the trail into our Grizzly Creek camp and found much of it washed away. With the uncertainty of the trail conditions, we asked the Forest Service if we could switch our summer trips into Big Creek and they agreed. This meant that some of the returning clients would miss out on returning to Grizzly Creek but would have the opportunity to explore new places and trails.

angler with a fish

Our first guests were great sports about having to clear trails… They helped us discover what Big Creek was like in the summer. Gary taught them how to work a whip and we had a great time!

Our next group of guests joined us all the way from London! They helped us fix the bridge over the river and enjoyed the backcountry of Montana. They enjoyed riding Lil and Taylor entertained us with live music in the evening.

Our next guests were returning with family and friends after going into Grizzly Creek 20 years ago. They were our biggest group! We had a great time fishing and enjoying the views…

Our next guests were also returning after going with us about 10 years ago. Gary took them on adventures, riding 20 miles a day. I also realized that they were from where my grandmother used to live!

Our last trip, a couple joined us who were friends of guests from a few years ago. They had a great time exploring the Gallatin Mountains and wrangling horses and mules. Then Gary, his dad and I enjoyed a little fishing trip of our own where we rode Lonesome to test out how she handled being a riding mule. She prefers being a pack mule.

We look forward to 2023! Please reach out to us if you would like to join us.

Nika and Gary